Mt Airy Net is committed to serving those in need within our community! We make every effort to serve the elderly who are trying to get by on social security or disability income alone, families who the main source of income has been laid off unexpectedly and is waiting for unemployment insurance to begin, individuals who are disabled by physical or mental illness, families who are homeless, Mt Airy’s working poor who need a food basket each month because of their numerous bills.


FOOD: Through generous donations from our community to our food pantry, we provide food carts on a monthly basis. These carts consist of a balance of food staples and personal care items. We also provide a gift card when available to purchase fresh food or dairy products.  

MEDICAL EXPENSES: We provide assistance with paying for prescriptions in part or in full, when acceptable.

RENT ASSISTANCE:  We help prevent evictions with the help of the Department of Social Services.

ELECTRIC, OIL, PROPANE, AND WATER: Through the generous donations of monetary gifts, we help provide emergency assistance with utility bills such as electric, heating oil, propane, and water for those who need it.